The purpose of this page is to be a library of "How To..." links that can be of help for people in the SCA, Reenactment, Living History, LARP or anyone with similar interests. From pavilion making to armor crafting, from costume sewing to cooking and brewing, I hope these links will be of use. So, if you want to send tips on new links, suggestions or just express your utter admiration for this page (Hah!) then drop me a note.

A special thanks to all those wonderful people whom I'm linked to. Without them this Site wouldn't be possible.

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  • Misc Crafts and Wood
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    This Page was born on March 14th 1996.

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    Alternately, in the SCA , in the Principality of Nordmark in the Kingdom of Drachenwald , I'm Lady Anna de Byxe , English widow of mid 14th-century York or, a Gentlewoman of mid to late 16th century London, England