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Making Shoes
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Making Shoes

  • Arapaho Moccasins
  • A Beginner's Addendum to Making Shoes includs articles on Skiving and Butt-Stitching 101.
  • Caligae Roman sandals
  • Costume: Accessories - 13th Century Footwear No pictures.
  • Early Medieval Irish Shoes
  • Embroidered Slippers 12-13th Century, Palermo. Just photos.
  • Footwear of the Middle Ages Everything you'd ever want to know about making shoes and more.
  • The Honorable Cordwainer's Company THE Forum for Historical Shoemaking.
  • Instructions for One-piece, Soft-sole,Center-seam Moccasins
  • Make your own Geta Japanese sandals, more woodworking than leatherwork but still footware.
  • Making a Pair of Medieval "Bag" Shoes Mostly Iron Age.pdf file
  • Making Medieval Shoes
  • Medieval and Postmedieval Turnshoes from Kempten (Allgäu), Germany New aspects of shoemaker technique at about 1500.
  • Medieval Shoes from the Bata Museum Collection
  • Medieval Shoes found in Newcastle upon Tyne An article and in the last sentence a link to pictures of four shoe models that were found.
  • Mittelalterschuhe.de Extensive German Site.
  • Oseberg shoes
  • Pattens and Overshoes in 15th Century Art
  • Roman Footwear
  • SHOE FROM PARLIAMENT ST. York Great article on how to make a simple shoe. With a good pattern.
  • ShoesInstructions and pattern for early turnshoe.
  • Sko dig för Livet En artikel om skor, ursprungligen skriven för Fea Livia. Av Skomakar Magne med "Skoboken".
  • Skomakeri Från Historiska världar
  • Soft Sole Plains Moccasins
  • Two Early Shoe Patterns
  • Venitian Chopins 16th-century elevated pattens.
  • Viking shoe pattern
  • Viking shoes
  • 7th Century Anglo-Saxon Shoes
  • 17th Century Shoes & Boots Photos.

    Other Leather Crafts

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